Healthy is possible.
And within your reach.

The Healthy Six™ invites you to create healthy, sustainable habits with exercise, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness to achieve more energy, strength and balance in your life in only six weeks.

You will achieve lasting results with a simple, effective group program that focuses on celebrating what our bodies can do when we commit to change.

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Are you sick of feeling bloated, tired and blah?

Do you need support to lean into a structured exercise routine, stop eating unhealthy food, and carve essential time for self-care?

Can you find the motivation to get physically and mentally stronger?

With the Healthy Six, YOU CAN!

In six short weeks we will:

  • Transform your mindset around eating well, sleep, hydration, meditation and exercise, shifting from an “I HAVE TO…” to “I GET TO” mentality
  • Create an exercise program to achieve 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise weekly, with inspiring and motivating classes and programs for all fitness levels.
  • Develop a mindfulness practice that will help you reduce stress and anxiety, and will propel you further along your healthy eating and exercise path.
  • Share your goals and your pitfalls in a supportive and loving group
  • Experiment with delicious and easy recipes that are designed to nourish and heal and achieve optimal hydration levels!
  • Learn to love routine and habits with practical, easy to follow strategies
  • Focus on joy!


The Healthy Six is for everyone who needs accountability and motivation to create, reinforce or come home to a healthier way of life. 

If you want to finally understand:

  • How to nourish your body with simple recipes that will make you healthier….and happier! 
  • How to actually LOVE exercise, through incredible daily workouts and programs! 
  • How a nightly fast will unlock your weight loss potential (and support to see it through!)
  • How taking a break from your “comfort foods” and alcohol will help you reset your body!
  • How the power of the group will inspire you daily to hit your goals!
  • How your healthy body is waiting for you!

You’re in the right place!

I’m Erin Phelan, and I understand how tough it can be to find the motivation to live a healthy life. As a coach, personal trainer, group fitness leader and health and wellness expert with over 25 years experience, I know how hard it is to start….or to start again.

The health and wellness industry has sold quick fixes, diets and “transformations” that work…until they don’t. Many of these programs are part of a multibillion dollar industry designed for you to fail, or to simply not feel good enough.

I created the Healthy Six as an antidote to this, and it is grounded in research, experience and the knowledge that healthy isn’t complicated. When we move our bodies every day, when we nourish our bodies with healthy, whole foods, when we prioritize sleep, rest and recovery, when we reach out for help and share our challenges, when we set and achieve our goals, we truly can transform our lives.

The Healthy Six isn’t complicated.

In fact, it is astonishingly simple.

Think of your body like a house – you need to create a solid foundation, or the walls crumble. Over six weeks, we build a solid foundation – through habit creation and routines around healthy eating, exercise, hydration, sleep, meditation, connection, gratitude. We find joy again.

Are you ready to be a Healthy Sixer?

Will you be our next success story?

Early Bird discount – 20% off with code H6EARLYBIRD2024 

 Early Bird discount – 20% off with code H6EARLYBIRD2024 

The Healthy Six is a group coaching program made easy, following six pillars of health for six weeks.

  • WEEKLY LIVE COACHING: Six weeks of coaching, accountability and support to eat well, move well and find your healthiest self (VALUE = $200)
  • VIRTUAL GYM MEMBERSHIP: Six weeks access to the FitFam, a virtual group fitness program with DAILY live classes, ten-minute tune-ups, exercise snacks and an extensive on-demand library, including beginner programs. (VALUE = $200)
  • PROGRAM E-BOOK: A detailed program guide, with research, Meal Plans and easy-to-follow challenges! (VALUE = $200)
  • RECIPES: A beautiful cookbook and spreadsheet with hundreds of anti-inflammatory recipes! (VALUE = $50)
  • ACCESS TO EXPERTS: Weekly Zoom experts (Wednesdays) to speak about bloating, supplements, body image, self-sabotage, habit-stacking, mindfulness and more! (VALUE: $300)
  • DAILY EXERCISE SNACKS: Daily inspiration and a 5-minute midday “exercise snack” to keep you motivated! (VALUE = $150)
  • ONLINE COMMUNITY: Access to a beautiful virtual portal with all program materials, daily inspiration, workouts, recipes, research and motivation! (VALUE = PRICELESS!)
  • Optional WhatsApp group to stay connected to others, with 8 AM and 3 PM motivation!
  • LIVE MEAL PREP MASTERCLASS & Q&A: Virtual meal prep session (VALUE: $50)
  • FREE WELLNESS WORKBOOKS: Gratitude journal, habit stack journal and more! (VALUE: $50)
  • Optional In-person fitness events
  • A final celebration of JOY

I’m Erin and my life’s purpose is to help my clients embrace a healthy, balanced life!

I have been in the health and wellness industry for more than 25 years, leading inspiring group fitness classes, training clients one-on-one and doing extensive research and writing on how we can achieve lasting good health in our busy lives. In 2019, I was named Equinox’s Top Fitness Instructor (Toronto) and in 2023 I was named one of Canada’s Top Fitness Instructors by Impact Magazine. I have been nominated for several magazine awards, and am continually updating my skills and knowledge.

I know how challenging it can be to exercise, to eat well, and to get quality sleep. I know that meditation is tough, and sometimes I forget to breathe. I know what it is like to feel like you are all alone when you are struggling to lose weight, or to balance work, family and life.. And I will never tell you that any of this is easy. Building healthy habits takes work – but having a coach and accountability partners are two of the biggest game-changers in your health journey. .

I will cheer you on.
The Healthy Six group will inspire you.
You will not do this alone.
We do it together.

I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, and written health articles for major publications. Everything you do on The Healthy Six is grounded in research. The secret sauce is showing up every day for yourself, and trusting the process.

As a single mom of two kids (Lily, 14 and Teague, 11) and a small business owner, I know one thing for certain: without our health, everything else falls apart. I am here to help you feel successful, and to build your health, one pillar at a time.

When I’m not coaching clients, you can find me writing my first book (based on The Healthy Six and my own journey through sobriety, divorce, deep grief and finding purpose), running, or sitting on my front porch with a great book. I love traveling, experimenting in the kitchen, writing and fitness challenges!

Every piece of research points to 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise weekly to prevent and treat chronic health conditions and improve mental health. The Healthy Six gets you there. In fact, the most recent research on exercise and mental health, published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that exercise is more effective than medication for depression, anxiety and feelings of distress.

The healthiest diets in the world follow anti-inflammatory principles – fresh, unprocessed food, healthy fats and protein, nuts and seeds and lots of water.  Introducing foods that help heal the gut – probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, Omega 3s, also helps us restore balance in our microbiome. There aren’t quick fixes in The Healthy Six – it is a simple, unprocessed diet and you are never hungry. Research shows when we can shift the microbiome in our gut we are motivated to exercise; a diet that improves our microbiome changes our physical and emotional well-being.

Finally, accountability and community is essential for healthy eating and for exercise.

This is where you will thrive.

The Healthy Six will get you to where you want to be.

Early Bird discount – 20% off with code H6EARLYBIRD2024

Find out why Healthy Sixers come back and do the program again and again:

I have now lost 14 pounds and gained a ton of confidence.  I’m a better mom because of this and that makes me proud.


The thing I like most about Healthy Six is the food. I never felt deprived and I learned about so many delicious ideas through Erin and the wider group. As a result I feel more alert and way less bloated. Another great thing is you can always improve on each of the pillars, my goal for the next time around is to focus on the sleep and mindfulness pillars.


I first did Erin’s Healthy Six in 2020. At that time we were all realizing that COVID was going to last longer than a month and I knew that I needed to start looking after myself. Erin’s recipes, motivational messages, and exercise classes were just what I needed to feel good again- strong, energetic, and purposeful. I now live with the H6 in the back of my mind. 80/20 is where it’s at for me. It’s possible and within reach for me and when I follow it, I am at my best! I’ve since done the Healthy Six a few other times and it’s always because I know that renewing my commitment to the H6 way of living and to this community, helps keep me both mentally and physically healthy and strong.


The Healthy Six is NOT a diet. It’s not a cleanse. It’s definitely not a fad. I gave up on all these things years ago, because they don’t work. The Healthy Six is a community who supports each other with a common goal of focusing on wellness. The… program itself evolves organically as the group’s collective and individual needs change. And you get out of the H6 what you put in – if you need to focus on your mindset, you do that and there are many resources to support that goal. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, a library of hundreds of workouts will get you moving! This is why I’m looking forward to the next H6, and why I will keep coming back, because it is an anchor in the ocean of life.


Early Bird discount – 20% off with code H6EARLYBIRD2024

The Healthy Six™ has a new home!

When you join The Healthy Six, you’ll get access to our brand new Erin Phelan Community Portal

This is a program experience unlike any other! You’ll be connected to a community of support and accountability, plus have access to all of the program resources in one place. Downloadable resources like menu plans, recipes, workouts, quick links to events and more are waiting for you here.

The best part of the Healthy Six is that you do it your way. In the past, we have had participants focus on only one pillar at a time; you can choose to follow the anti-inflammatory diet, or you can simply eliminate alcohol (or sugar) for the six weeks. You might choose to focus on meditation. Every time I coach the program, I discover something new about myself too. That’s the beautiful thing about life – we are always changing.

I know what it is like to feel less than amazing. I know what it is like to hold onto those pounds after having a baby, and to be tired of feeling bloated and blah. I know what it is like to love sugar a little too much, and I know what it is like to crave that glass of wine on a Friday night.

I know the pandemic created even greater challenges for us – and we were emotionally eating and drinking through the stress. I know that we are ready to hit reset now.

Most importantly, I understand grief and I know how hard life can be. Without the Healthy Six pillars, I would have fallen apart many times in my life. These pillars are my foundation. I want them to be your foundation, too.

We can let go of the past and embrace what is possible
Anything is possible.

  • The Healthy Six costs $9 per day. Would you pay $9 for group training, health coaching and the opportunity to feel amazing again?
  • The Healthy Six anti–inflammatory program works for vegetarians and vegans – we focus on plant-based sources of protein. The central pillar of our eating is fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and health fats.
  • We don’t count calories or measure in inches – you can if you want to. A Habit Tracker is included, and all the tools are available to you if you want to use metrics. But this program is designed around the feeling of daily exercise, healthy eating and quality sleep.
  • We embrace progress, not perfection every single day. If you have a chocolate chip cookie, let it go. There is no such thing as “bad” food. We are creating mindful awareness. That’s it.

If you sign up now, you get early access to the Fit Fam with these bonuses:

    • Unlimited access to over 1000 fitness classes, including 10 and 20 minute programs
    • Exercise Snacks to do all week
    • Healthy Six 3-Day Kickstart to get you ready!
    • Early Bird discount 20% off with code H6EARLYBIRD2024
The Healthy Six Spring is only $399 +HST!

Join the waitlist NOW and we’ll notify you when registration opens. 

We start May 14, 2024… are you in?